Meet Kaila Estrada: The Gorgeous Daughter of Janice De Belen And John Estrada Who Is Now Making A Name in the Modelling Industry

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Kaila Estrada, the 20-year-old daughter of Janice de Belen and John Estrada, has been making buzz in the fashion model industry in recent months.



A contract artist under Mercator Models, she has been making appearances in magazines and achieving endorsement deals, most noticeably with SM and Folded & Hung.

Such opportunities had find their way to her doorstep despite her initial apprehension in walking into the limelight and following the footsteps of her celebrity parents.



“When I was a lot younger, I experienced the bad side of showbiz,”

“See, when you’re an actor or a public figure, everyone all of a sudden has an insight on your life. It wasn’t something I was interested in because of the lack of privacy. And I’m a very private person; I like to keep my personal things personal,”



But the early exposure, as well as the advice she received from her mother about not being able to please everyone, has been crucial in her attempt to build her own career as it made her wiser beyond among girls with the same age as hers.



“That’s the truth in show business and in fashion. They’re both cutthroat industries. Sometimes you get the job, sometimes you don’t,” she said. “You need to have thick skin to be able to survive.”



Meet Kaila Estrada, possibly the next big thing in the model world.


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