13 Filipino Celebrities Na Hindi Mo Aakalain Na Magkaka-Mag-Anak

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Doesn’t it seem like most celebrities are born with talent running through their veins? That’s because they are. Even though it’s not always right up in our faces, familial relationships in the Philippine show business is definitely alive and well. What we’re trying to say is, almost everyone who is a celebrity is in some way related to another person who is famous and most we aren’t even aware of.

We have here a compiled list of our local celebrities and personalities who are factual blood related.


1. The late comedianne Tiya Pusit (born Myrna Villanueva) is the sister of Nova Villa(born Novelita Villanueva Gallegos) in real life.



2. Late action star Rudy Fernandez (born Rodolfo Valentino Padilla Fernandez came from the famous Padilla showbiz clan in his maternal side, making him first cousins of Rommel, Rustom (now BB) and Robin Padilla.



3. Lander Vera Perez is the half-brother of Charlene Gonzales not by blood but thru her step-father Pepito Vera-Perez.



4. Jake Ejercito is the nephew of George Estregan (E.R. Ejercito). Jake Ejercito was recently linked with Maine Mendoza.



5. Paolo Ballesteros is the nephew of Eula Valdez (born Julia “Eula” Amorsolo Valdez). Eula’s mother, Gracia, and Paolo’s paternal grandmother, Virginia, are daughter of the National Artist Fernando Amorsolo.



6. Georgina Wilson (born Georgina Ashley Diaz Wilson) is the first cousin of Isabel Daza. Georgina’s mother Aurora Diaz is the sister of Miss Universe 1969 Gloria Diaz which happens to be Isabel’s mom.



7. Zsa Zsa Padilla is first cousin to Lorna Tolentino and Amy Perez. Their mothers Esperanza Felipa Perez and Eloisa Perez are sisters.



8. Mikee Cojuanco – Jaworski and Kris Aquino are first cousins. Her father Jose Coujangco Jr. is the brother of Kris’ mother, the late president, Corazon Aquino.



9. Helen Gamboa is Sharon Cuneta’s Aunt. Sharon’s mother Elaine is Helen’s real life sister. This also makes Ciara Sotto to be KC Concepcion’s aunt.



10. Coleen Garcia and Arjo Atayde are cousins.



11. Mike Enriquez (born Miguel Castro Enriquez) is the real life uncle of Glaiza De Castro (born Glaiza Castro Galura).



12. Ysabel Ortega who was featured in James Reid and Nadine Lustre’s hit program On The Wings Of Love is actually Lito Lapid’s daughter to Michelle Ortega.



13. Daria Ramirez is Kempee De Leon’s mother in real life. Who would have thought that Joey De Leon and Daria Ramirez were husband and wife before? Aside from Kempee they also had a daughter named Jacinda Myrtle (Chenee).



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SOURCE: Philnews

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