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This Jealous 16-Year-Old Husband Locked Up His 71-Year-Old Wife To Prevent Other Men From Taking Her

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This Jealous 16-Year-Old Husband Locked Up His 71-Year-Old Wife To Prevent Other Men From Taking Her



Although a lot of people like to say age does not matter; age remains an important factor when it comes to relationships. Age does matter especially when one or both people in the relationship are still underage.Things get even more complicated when a person is a minor and his or her partner is already a senior.



Just like this 16-year-old boy who recently married a 71-year-old woman. They have been the talk of the town ever since and apparently what the boy did is so shocking that many people couldn’t stop talking about it on social media.



Selamet Riyadi, 16, began a relationship with his elderly neighbour Rohaya Binti Kiagus Muhammad Jakfar after she cared for him while he was suffering from malaria.



People are all skeptical about their marriage. A few assumed money has something to do with their relationship. Other thought it maybe a part of some family deal. But the real reason was not been verified. The couple just said that its true love and age doesn’t matter at all.



Even their family were against their relationship at first. But despite all the negative reaction they receive from other people, their relationship stayed strong. They said they both fell in love with each other.  Rohaya and Selamat even said that if their wedding will not materialize, they will both take their own lives. Without any other options to choose from, their family gave their consent. He later married the 71 year old Rohaya.



In these photos, you will see that the boy was happy while taking some pictures of them together. It may be weird to some people. but the two couple strongly expresses their feelings to each other.





According to reports,  he would always locked up Rohaya inside whenever the boy leaves their home. The jealous husband fears that some men will steal his lovely wife. He said that the feeling started after their wedding.



Selamat has been telling people that he plans to have kids with his 71 year old wife. He wants a daugther and a son so much that he already picked out their names.

“I want my daughter to be named Putri Permata Sari and my son to be named Andre Maulana.”




The reports dont exactly say how the couple plans to do this. It was only noted that the old woman has already been rushed to the clinic several times due to fatigue and exhaustion.


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