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Father Caught His Son Stealing His Money. As A Punishment, He Got A Rope And His Bike Then Did This To The Poor Boy!

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Father Caught His Son Stealing His Money. As A Punishment, He Got A Rope And His Bike Then Did This To The Poor Boy!



All parents have their own discipline style and it varies depending on each culture. Some believed in a kind a loving approach, while other goes by tough love. There are also some parents who firmly believe that harsh punishment is only normal. Strict penalty is needed in order to inflict strong discipline to the child.



This father from China is one of those who think that children who are very stubborn deserve a violent type of discipline. Netizens outraged after he subjected his 12-year-old son to a horrifying discipline style.

As part of discipline, this father dragged his son through the streets of Yunnah for people to see how he punished him. The poor boy whose hands were tied with a rope was attached to his father’s motorcycle while barely naked.



Onlookers were shocked with what they witnessed while others could not stand his cruelty. When the father confirmed that he was indeed the biological father of the child, onlookers demanded him to explain his harsh punishment.



To father responded and said his son was frequently naughty and uncontrollable. He narrated that there was one time when the boy found a 100 Yuan (roughly P745) under the bed, but instead of returning it to him, the boy stole it and ran away from home for a few days.

Despite being covered with cuts and bruises, the pool boy asked the crowd to stop agitating his father.



It gained allot of distress and negative reaction from netizens and have also reached the authorities who are now investigating the father’s cruel act.


SOURCE: The Star


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