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Networker Tried To Recruit Balut Vendor Into Joining His Business. But His Answer Left The Networker Speechless

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Networker Tried To Recruit Balut Vendor Into Joining His Business. But His Answer Left The Networker Speechless



Networking is a very common business nowadays. Many would claim that they have encountered a networker at least once in the past decade. These people try and convince you invest some cash today in exchange for a big payout in the future. However, one networker’s pitch backfired on this clever balut vendor.

On Facebook, a conversation between a persistent networker and a clever balut vendor became viral. Why? Well, let’s just say that things didn’t work out in the balut vendor’s favor.




Based on their conversation, the networker happens to be working for Aim Global. He randomly messaged a guy on FB messenger and asked him about his current job. The guy then replied that he sells balut for a living. The networker invited him to join his network. He said that by ponying up PHP 6,980, the balut vendor would see a large ROI (return on investment).

The balut vendor admitted that he doesn’t have enough money to shell out for the investment. The networker tried to persuade him by telling him that investing now might provide him with a better life in the future.

The balut vendor then asked the networker whether all those who invested in Aim Global are now rich. This is where it gets interesting. The networker was at a loss. The vendor followed up his query by asking the networker how long he had been working for Aim Global. The networker answered that he has been with his company for three years.



The clever vendor then asked that in those three years, if the networker has yet to become a millionaire himself then what chance is there for the vendor to become rich as well. The vendor then turned it around and told the networker to just invest in his balut business.

Read their full conversation below.










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